Two Week Status Update

Almost two weeks since the launch – thanks again for all the views, likes and follows!

Just a quick note about the way I’m running this page: I am actually back-filling items into my blog history, i.e. posting stuff I find from my Facebook Timeline and back-dating these posts to my original Facebook post dates.  This means that the dates are, in the correct sense, artificial, and also that, as we move forward in time, you will see less and less of the “new” older stuff appearing on the landing page.  Not yet being sure how WordPress’s streams work, I hope you will still be able to see these posts in your streams (if such exist), otherwise that’s why I’m spending so much time categorising and tagging the posts, so that you can also find curated streams within the blog and, of course, you can also Search.  The truly revolutionary :-) older posts I will “Feature” at the top of the page for easy access.


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