About levin’s linkblog

I post a LOT of links on Facebook, and often the interesting stuff gets lost as it moves down the Timeline.  This site is an attempt to keep everything I find current and easily findable.  I’ll be posting all my links (categorised and keyworded) directly from here and also – a vast project – trawling through my Timeline to find the historical gems I don’t want to lose.  (NB. my historical Facebook links will be back-dated to the original posting-date!)

There are still many open questions about how I’ll be running the site – feel free to leave comments here.  I’ll also still be playing with the structure and the design for months to come: any suggestions are very welcome!

For more discussion and update on the blog itself, check out the META / Blog Administration category.


UPDATE 4 January 2013: levin’s linkblog is now visual!  Check out Levin’s Scoops!


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